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Lake Hickory RV Resort 


New Pavilion!

final countdown to the finishing of our Brand New Pavilion... and I know we are all excited, and second I would like to welcome all of our new members to Lake Hickory RV Resort as well as our existing members and our visitors. We have propane and we have a store in our Resort.

We have Ice, chips, cookies, ice cream, sodas, candy. We also have propane on the premises.



20LB - $16.00

30LB - $23.50

40LB - $27.50

 I also have my jewelry store with a lot of my handmade jewelry. and all natural homemade skin care products.  So come in and see what we have for you....



The new Consumer Water Lead Report is posted in the office.



Please pick up a new updated copy of our Rules and Regulations in the office. If you want one mailed to you, call the office.

There is no such thing as flush-able wipes. We are on septic and leach fields, so only toilet paper and human waste is to be flushed.

No outside garbage allowed in our dumpsters. No furniture, construction or yard debris allowed.

There is only one boat and one jet-ski trailer allowed per members site on Lake Hickory RV Resort property.

All boats must have current registration and all boat and jet-ski trailers must have current and legible LHRV Resort stickers.

There is also a $25.00 fine if you are caught not picking up after pet or pet not on a leash.

It is a $50.00 fine for speeding on our premises after warning. Please imagine as your driving at a fast rate of speed a ball rolling in front of your car with a child chasing after it. HOW FAST CAN YOU STOP?

It is $100. for all boats & trailers at the boat dock area parking lot.

Please be aware wether you have updated your information eg.(address, contact numbers) with the office please since we have come across a few that weren't correct or out of date. ~Thank you...

Also make sure we have yearly updated RV insurance, golf cart insurance and all pet information in the Office... NOT LAST YEARS OR THE YEAR BEFORE...



David W. Dyer (Park Administrator)

Aileen M. Anaya Beal (Manager) 




All boats and jet ski's must have current registration and in good operating conditions ( ie. no flat tires) or must be removed from LHRV Resort property